About us

About Aavadh Industries

Established amidst the bustling industrial landscape of Faridabad, Haryana, in 2020, Aavadh Industries emerged as a dynamic and inventive manufacturing entity. Our expertise extends across a wide spectrum of precisely crafted products, serving as dependable solutions that empower various industries.

Our product range includes an assortment of precision-engineered offerings such as Industrial Shafts, Flanges, Yoke Assemblies, Couplings, Rear Housing Bottles, Hydraulic Motors, Joints, Forks, and more. Each item undergoes meticulous design and manufacturing processes to meet the intricate demands of diverse sectors, ensuring durability, reliability, and top-notch performance.

At Aavadh Industries, we prioritize quality above all else. Our products embody a fusion of skilled craftsmanship, technological precision, and unwavering standards. Additionally, we not only excel in product manufacturing but also extend our commitment to excellence through specialized services like Cardan Shaft Repairing, utilizing our technical expertise to enhance machinery efficiency.

Driven by a vision to lead in the manufacturing and service sector, we pride ourselves on a team of skilled professionals motivated by innovation and engineering excellence. Our dedication extends beyond performance to include responsible, environmentally conscious manufacturing practices, aligning with our commitment to sustainable production.

As we journey forward, our commitment remains steadfast to evolve and diversify our offerings, attuned to the ever-evolving needs of industries. Partner with us to experience a collaboration centered on precision, reliability, and innovation. Aavadh Industries unlocks a world of cutting-edge solutions and service excellence that propels industries into the future.